Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Fieldwork between Mornington Crescent and the Roundhouse

Georgian houses north of the NLR near Camden Road Station;
view from Kentish Town Road

Another good day doing fieldwork between Mornington Crescent and the Roundhouse. I took lots more photos and filled up more of my notebook with ideas for my Euston artist's book. It was sunny and warm, with occasional clouds - perfect conditions for walking, photographing and notemaking (and for a jar in the Lock Tavern, as well as a peep into the Misty Moon, also on Chalk Farm Road).

Gothic, Lolita & Punk in the Stables Market, Chalk Farm Road

Posters in the window of The Lock Tavern, Chalk Farm Road.

I love the names - witty and poetic. This is a brilliant pub.

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