Friday, 19 January 2007

Ypres (Ieper) Willows, oil painting (2006)


P.L. said...

Hello Peter,
This is great. Good to see some of your paintings. I especially like «Ranscombe from Caburn», very dramatic and powerful.
I list your blog on mine, hoping some of the visitors come and see you.

Piet Chielens said...

Hello Peter,
Good to see that you take on your commemoration project more thoroughly. As you know we are always planning years (or at least one year) ahead, without any facilities (yet) to take on some smaller, but interesting other projects. Let me know where you could show your Willows work. By the way: is the titel Willows/Weilen/Saule meaning that your book is going to be in three languages? Or is it just a title. If so: there was and is another language spoken in the war stricken area: Dutch / Flemish: the Dutch word for willow is wilg, plural: wilgen.
Take care,


Nancy said...

Hello Peter

It's good to come to your paintings having previously seen photographs in your artists books. These are very powerful - I particularly like the Willows - the perspective and menace. I wonder if there is any way of giving dimensions onsite? I imagine these as enormous canvases, but such assumptions are often proved wrong.
Anyway I am looking forward to seeing the resulting book.
Best wishes,
Nancy Campbell