Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Peter Chasseaud working at Ploegsteert, Belgium

Two photos of me drawing at the Ploegsteert site in July/August 2007. Both photos courtesy of Richard Osgood. The top photo was taken looking south over Ultimo Crater. I am sitting on the southern lip of the crater, looking south over Factory Farm. The Bottom photo shows me sitting at the north-east lip of Ultimo Crater, making a panorama drawing of the view to the east towards Warneton. I am talking to Martin Brown who, with Richard Osgood, organised the dig.

Monday, 13 August 2007

Peter Chasseaud, Ploegsteert images 2007

Images drawn by Peter Chasseaud at St Yvon, Ploegsteert, Belgium, while working as artist in residence at the archaeological dig there in July-August 2007.

Pillars of Fire: the Trench 122 mines, 7 June 1917. Ultimo Trench on the left and Factory Farm (Ultra Trench) on the right. Copyright Peter Chasseaud 2007.

Below: Pollard Willow, Factory Farm. An old willow tree, regenerated survivor of the First World War. Copyright Peter Chasseaud 2007.

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Wotan at Ultimo Crater; Sir John Tomlinson visits the 1914-18 archaeological site

Wotan at Ultimo Crater. Taking a break from my landscape work at the dig, on Tuesday 31st July I showed my friends Sir John and Lady Moya Tomlinson, with their daughter Abi, around the Factory Farm and Ultimo Crater sites. Later we visited Tyne Cot cemetery at Passchendaele, and they also satyed on to attend the Last Post ceremony at the Menin Gate before crossing to England.

Sir John Tomlinson at Ultimo Crater, St Yvon, Ploegsteert; 31st July 2007. Photograph courtesy of Martin Brown.