Monday, 30 June 2008

Borough Market artist's book

June was a bad month for me, with a long bout of unseasonal flu. I hope I'm back on course now, working on a large-format version of my Euston Arch (2008) poetic photobook book (see previous post) and a new artist's book inspired by the Borough Market in Southwark, London, where I have been doing fieldwork for a couple of years. I touched on this area, near London Bridge, in my Thames - The London River artist's book (2005), but now I'm going to give it my full attention, including nipping into the great Market Porter pub tomorrow for a pint of Harveys bitter. Strange how almost everywhere I work I seem to find a pub which serves Harveys (though the Lock Tavern in Chalk Farm Road doesn't - I had to go all the way to the Holly Bush at Hampstead!).