Thursday, 7 May 2020

Borough Market Book

By the Borough Market: these old buildings were 
demolished for the new Thameslink viaduct

This is just a temporary post! I was going to be showing at the Oxford Fine Press Book Fair at the end of March 2020, but an unfortunate event intervened. I've also had a difficult time getting back into my Google account after a couple of years of not using it! Once you get out of practice on these things, and/or leave it too long, you find that things have changed out from under you.

My Tom Paine Press in Lewes is temporarily out of action, but I hope I'll soon be able to get back inside there to start some letterpress work at least on a limited basis.

I was working on a new Altazimuth Press artist's book / photo book for the Oxford Fair, but that got put on hold. It should be completed this year! I'm also hoping to produce at least one other book.

I can't access my painting studio, which is a double shame because of its proximity to the Lewes Arms, which alas, is out-of-bounds. I do hope it manages to reopen! One of our multiple tragedies is the closure of all pubs, cafes and restaurants.

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